Justin Lawley

Come on!!!!!! Cool videos are better than another website. Awesome videos about the physiology of exercise and training will be ace!!!!!!! vote for me!!!!

Favourite Thing: Ummmmm, generally loafing around my office thinking of new ideas and ways to test them!!! Generally this involves musical interludes from the likes of the Top Gun soundtrack (you may not have seen this film it was made in 1985, i think), Tenacious D and The Martin Harley Band.



Eirias High School, Old Colwyn, Conwy, Wales


Bangor University, School of Sport Health and Exercise Sciences

Work History:

Conwy Council, during my degree I was also a support worker for a partially sighted social worker


Bangor University, Extremes Research Group, School of Sport Health and Exercise Sciences

Current Job:

PhD Student (Interestingly, after 6 years of education and I am close to being a Dr. but I still make the tea/coffee)

Me and my work

I generally spend most of my time in either the outdoors (rock/ice climbing, exploring very high mountains in both the Uk and abroad, skiing/snowboarding and mountain biking) or in the University (Lab, library, office or the staff room).

When people climb high mountains like Everest, they sometimes get very sick and suffer headaches and vomiting. My work generally aims to find out why. As headaches seem to be the main problem, the brain seems like the most obvious place to start looking. Luckily for me, some boffins realised that using very powerful magnets you can look inside someones brain (see the pictures of my friends and my brain. COOL HEY!!!  myimage1 myimage2). It is called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). I use MRI to see if peoples brains expand when I don’t give them enough oxygen to breathe and when they get headaches.   Other work we do in our science lab mainly consist of making people very cold (me after 2 hours at zero degree centigrade, by the way, that number at the front is my core temprature (the temprature inside my body) it is normally 37.5, very very cold)) myimage6 or very hot and seeing how it effects their ability to exercise. As you can see most of my research just makes people feel pretty rubbish, but I like it…..

My Typical Day

Wake up, try and do as much as is physically possible in one day. Go to sleep, repeat.

Well, I recently bought a big van which I have converted into a motorhome. I mostly wake up in the van as I have normally worked late in the office or I have been out into the Snowdonia mountains (a huge advantage of studying at Bangor). If it is a normal working day then the routine is simple, check e-mails, read some science, check e-mails, probably write something down (in a PhD you have to write a huge document discussing all the work you have done) and then maybe go to the gym to lift some heavy weights (not every day mind). If it happens to be a testing day then I am in for the long haul. Normally, I start setting up the lab either the night before or between 5:30 – 6.00am. Subjects arrive at 7.00am and they are in the environmental chamber until 5pm and lab til 7pm. Then me and my team tidy and clean all the equipment  and try to find some time to eat and sleep. However, sometimes I get to go away on expedition to do science. Me at 5050 meters in the Himalayas where the morning temperature was -30!!!!. We were looking at how oxygen gets from the air to you leg muscles and why you can not exercise as hard at high altitude.  myimage5 Now, if it is my day off, then it’s play time. I love the outdoors and this is where you will normally find me if I am not in University.myimage3myimage4

What I'd do with the money

Create awesome science videos (although, there is no charge for awesomeness, just for borrowing the video equipment)

This is a difficult choice. I would like to try and do something that lots of people will benefit from and not just a few individuals. So, I propose to create some awesome science videos. If you have any ideas for cool science videos let me know!!!!!

My Interview

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Opinionated (often wrong!!!), creative and enthusiastic

Who is your favourite singer or band?

At the moment, The Martin Harley Band

What is the most fun thing you've done?

Tuf one, ummm probably ice climbing/skiing in Canada

If you had 3 wishes for yourself what would they be? - be honest!

Win the lottery (i’d do so much crazy science), be a nobel laureate (this is a big wish, I have more chance of winning the lottery) and invent something.

What did you want to be after you left school?

In the Army (but sadly I have Asthma)

Were you ever in trouble in at school?

Yeah. School report from 4 to 18 read clever and bright if only he would stop talking. Interestingly, my current supervisors still say the same thing, I guess some things don’t change.

What's the best thing you've done as a scientist?

Attended the International Hypoxia conference in Canada (twice). Not only is there some of the best science in the world but you get a 4 hour ski break in the middle, BOOM!!!!!.

Tell us a joke.

Science jokes….. I’m in my element!!!!!! ha ha ha